TR90 Lemon 90-Day Kit

Your transformation starts here

TR90 is a 90-day weight man­agement programme that will unify your mind and body to help you achieve a better looking you. This innovative programme will empower you to reach your goals by targeting the sources that stand between you and your ideal body shape.

Based on exclusive science that helps you stay motivated as you work towards your goal of unlocking your body’s full potential, this weight management system consist of:

– 3 months’ supply of TR90 food supplements: 1 TR90 JS, 3 TR90 Complex C and 3 TR90 Complex F

– 1 month’s supply of TR90 meal replacement bars (30 TR90 M-Bars Lemon Crisps), plus a voucher offering a 15% discount on 2 packs of TR90 M-Bars (30 units/pack)

– 1 TR90 Programme Guide

– 1 Transformation Journal with 1 TR90 pen

– 1 Multilayer Pill Box





TR90 JS: 1 box – 15 sachets (37 g)

TR90 Complex F: 1 bottle – 120 capsules (63 g)

TR90 Complex C: 1 bottle – 90 capsules (52 g)

TR90 M-Bars: 1 Lemon Crisp M-Bar (59 g)